Taperloc Complete Hip System

One Surgeon. One Patient.®

Over 1 million times per year, Biomet helps one surgeon provide personalized care to one patient. 

The science and art of medical care is to provide the right solution for each individual patient. This requires clinical mastery, a human connection between the surgeon and the patient, and the right tools for each situation.

At Biomet, we strive to view our work through the eyes of one surgeon and one patient. We treat every solution we provide as if it’s meant for a family member.

Our approach to innovation creates real solutions that assist each surgeon in the delivery of durable personalized care to each patient, whether that solution requires a minimally invasive surgical technique, advanced biomaterials or a patient-matched implant.

When one surgeon connects with one patient to provide personalized care, the promise of medicine is fulfilled.

Over the past 26 years, the Taperloc® Hip stem has become the industry standard in cementless hip arthroplasty.1 Combining this unmatched clinical success with Biomet’s commitment to product innovation, the Taperloc® Complete Hip system has been introduced with design enhancements that restore leg length, stability, offset and ROM accurately and consistently

Clinical Success of the Taperloc® Hip System

100% Survivorship 

at a minimum 5 year follow-up in 49 rheumatoid patients2

100% Survivorship

at a 2–11 year follow-up in 114 patients 80 years old or older

99.6% Survivorship 

at a 12 year follow-up of 4,750 patients4

99% Survivorship 

at a 22–26 year follow-up in 138 patients

99% Survivorship 

at a 12 year follow-up in 115 patients5

98% Survivorship 

at 8–13 year follow-up in 91 patients 50 years old or younger6

95% Survivorship 

at a 10–18 year follow-up in 89 obese patients7

94% Survivorship 

at a 10–18 year follow-up in 99 non-obese patients7

Taperloc® Complete Hip Stem

Taperloc® Complete Microplasty® Stem

The Taperloc® Complete Microplasty® stem is built upon the strong clinical heritage of the Taperloc® stem and incorporates the same design enhancements as the Taperloc® Complete full length stem. This stem option has been shortened 35 mm from the standard length stem to better address minimally invasive techniques, provide an alternative to femoral resurfacing and offer a unique solution in cases where a bone conserving prosthesis is desirable.

ASI Hip Instructional Courses

  • One-day course with standard OR and ASI specific tables 
  • Led by experienced ASI faculty 
  • Didactic and hands-on cadaveric training Surgeon Visitation Program 
  • One-on-one experience with ASI surgeon 
  • Observe live surgery
  • Discuss implant design and rationale For more information on these opportunities, please visit biometosa.com.

Taperloc® Complete XR 123° Hip Stem


Taperloc® Complete XR 123° Stem

The Taperloc® Complete XR 123° stem option has the same stem geometry as the Taperloc® Complete Full length and Microplasty® stems, but provides a 123° degree neck angle and a shortened neck length by 2 mm. These unique design features help to address femurs with a more varus neck by allowing for additional offset to properly restore hip biomechanics and soft tissue tensioning.