Limb reconstruction device 

Limb Reconstruction System

Product description

Rekrea is a monolateral limb reconstruction system with a range of fixator body lengths and modular clamps for bone screw fixation. 


It is indicated in reconstructive procedures in the upper and lower limbs for the treatment of shortening, deformity correction or bone-loss with the techniques of lengthening and bone transport at one or multiple levels. The Rekrea system provides the benefits of strength, stability, light weight, ergonomics, practicality and radiolucency. 

The components are available in a sterile kit


The main elements of the Rekrea system are:

  •  The fixator body consists of three radiolucent, light rods with a facility for distraction/compression which are available in various lengths; 
  • Bone screw clamps that allow various types of application according to the treatment; 
  • Accessories to facilitate positioning and dynamisation of bone screws;
  • Dedicated instruments for the insertion of bone screws and Kirschner wires.

Features Benefts
Modular and monolateral system Allows different configuration assemblies depending on the treatment required
Fixator body made of carbon fibre, clamps of aluminium alloy Stable fixation with radiolucent body
Rods of the fixator body with the marking “SKIN” that provides the position in relation to the skin Optimal stability of the fixator 
Distraction/compression mechanism is integral part of the fixator body Simple control of independent movement of individual clamps
Patient Key supplied with the fixator With only one key the patient controls the reconstruction process
Components supplied in single sterile package Ready to use, facilitates transport and implant management
Stainless steel bone screws, double diameter, self-tapping, hydroxyapatite coated threads Bone screw stability and osteolisys prevention
Template  Easy fixator positioning

Configuration examples

Rekrea fixator body

Rekrea fixator body includes patient key and screw head covers

Insertion clamps on fixator body

To insert the clamps on the body remove the mobile end by loosening the locking screw. Insert the clamps by sliding along the rods to the desired position and according to the planning. 

The assembly of the Rekrea fixator provides that the rod of the body with the marking “SKIN” is positioned closer to the skin. Replace the mobile end and tighten the locking screw.

Use compression/distraction key

Marking onto the compression/distraction screws, both fixed and mobile ends, is useful to indicate to patient the direction to turn the compression/ distraction key.

Turning the compression/distraction screw from A to C, the clamp moves towards to 0 position of the graduated scale marked on the external rod. Turning from A to B, the clamp makes the opposite movement.


NOTE It is recommended to close with one headcover cap the distraction/compression key in order to avoid that the patient manages it and uses only the same end.

Rekrea bone screw clamps

All Rekrea bone screw clamps are made of aluminum alloy and are characterized by: 

  • tilting base: more choice in the insertion of bone screws with a tilt (± 11°) to the long axis of the fixator;
  • four screw seats with shank diameter 6 mm; 
  • maximum width of mobile clamps (straight, swivelling and translating) is 50 mm: provides more space for clamp mobility on the fixator; 
  • maximum width of mobile clamps (straight, swivelling and translating) is 50 mm: provides more space for clamp mobility on the fixator; 
  • moving mobile clamps: 1 mm / day by turning the terminal activation with the key. A click sound corresponds to 1/8 of a turn and a displacement of 0.25 mm (4 clicks, HALF a turn: 1 mm of distraction or compression); 
  •  fixed clamps (T and ring kit) can be connected to one end of the fixator;
  • included in each pack: Rekrea caps to close the screw heads that the patient should not adjust.

Explanation of the clamp mechanism


Rekrea bone screw clamps

Standard clamp – SF26105

The standard clamp allows insertion of bone screws 

at any position along the axis of the fixator. On the lower side there are two screws, green and 

pink: the pink screw locks the sliding of the clamp on the fixator (the direction of rotation is indicated with 

“LOCK” and “UNLOCK”). 

The green screw allows the activation of clamp movement, which is then performed by turning the activation nut at the end of the fixator body

Swivelling clamp – SF26115 

In addition to the features of the standard clamp, allows gradual angular correction up to ± 16°. The base has a graduated scale to indicate the amount of the deformity correction.

 At the base of the clamp, the lateral screw controls the displacement in varus and valgus.


Translating clamp – SF26110 

Allows gradual translation of the screw clamp and attached bone segment across the fixator body axis. Controlled by the screw at the centre of the clamp base.

Correction central screw

T clamp – SF26155

Acts as a fixed clamp when attached to the end of the fixator body. Enables the positioning of bone screws in the metaphysis. 

The screws are inserted in a triangular pattern: the two upper screws are parallel, and can be orientated at an angle of ± 13°; the lower, central screw is angled 9° upwards. 

The activation nut for distraction/compression is not obstructed.

Ring kit – SF26210 (ø170 mm)

SF26220 (ø200 mm)

The kit includes:
– a ring clamp to attach the ring to the side of
the fixator;
– a ring of internal diameter 170 mm or
200 mm.

Bone screw holder – F4-5610
Wire holder – F4-5612

These two accessories are used as connection between the ring and the gripping elements to the bone: bone screws or Kirschner wires.

The DynaRek allows protected dynamisation of the newly formed callus, avoiding the risk of collapse, and promoting its maturation.
It is locked to a fixator rod with the silicone cushion against the clamp to be dynamised.
This can then be unlocked to allow protected cyclic loading of the new callus.

Used in combination with standard, swivelling and translating clamps allows to increase the distance between the bone screws, for greater stability.

Mounted on a proximal swivelling clamp, enables varus/valgus adjustment of the proximal femur.

Bone screws

The stainless steel bone screws are stepped, with a double diameter, and the thread is coated with hydroxyapatite. 

They are available in thread diameters of 4 and 6 mm with a 6 mm diameter shank. Pre-drilling is performed with a 3 mm diameter drill bit for the 4 mm and with a 4,8 mm drill bit for 6 mm screws. 

The bone screws insert smoothly, and forma bond with the bone over time. It is also possible to withdraw the screws a little of they penetrate too far. 

NOTE When pre-drilling, avoid over-insertion: the drill bits are stepped to match the bone screws. It is important that the wider diameter of the drill bit does not reach the second cortex. 

Kirschner wires 

Used for the transport of bone segments Kirschner wires are of diameter 1.8 mm, length 310 mm and 400 mm

Ordering information

Fixator body 

with patient key screw head covers templavte


Code Description
SF26005 Fixator body L. 250 mm
SF26010 Fixator body L. 300 mm
SF26015 Fixator body L. 350 mm
SF26020 Fixator body L. 400 mm
SF26025  Fixator body L. 450 mm *  *On request
SF26030 Fixator body L. 500 mm *
SF26055 Bifocal fixator body L. 250 mm
SF26060 Bifocal fixator body L. 300 mm
SF26065 Bifocal fixator body L. 350 mm
SF26070 Bifocal fixator body L. 400 mm

Bone screw clamps

CODE  Description
SF26105  Standard clamp
SF26110 Translation clamp
SF26115 Swiveling clamp
SF26155 T clamp
SF26210 Ring kit ø170 mm
SF26220 Ring kit ø200 mm


Code  Description
SF26300 DynaRek
SF26305 Sandwich
SF26310 Trock 

Ring accessories

Code  Description
F4-5610 Bone screw holder ø5-6mm for ring
F4-5612 Bone screw holder ø5-6mm for ring

Bone screws & Kirschner wires

Code  Description
ST340100HA  HA bone screw cortical ø4mm L100-30mm
ST340120HA HA bone screw cortical ø4mm L120-40mm
ST360120HA HA bone screw cortical ø6mm L120-30mm
ST360150HA HA bone screw cortical ø6mm L150-40mm
ST360180HA HA bone screw cortical ø6mm L180-50mm 
ST360200HA HA bone screw cortical ø6mm L200-60mm
643718310 Kirschner wire trocar tip ø1.8×310 mm (3 pcs.)
643718400 Kirschner wire trocar tip ø1.8×400 mm (3 pcs.)

 Basic instrument set                         


Code  Description quantity
SF1011  T-D wrench 1
SF1220 Protection sleeve L. 120 mm 4
SF1230 Protection sleeve L. 90 mm 4
SF1240 Trocar for protection sleeve 2
SF1250 Cannulated trocar for ø2 mm wire 2
SF1330 Drill bit ø3 mm 1
SF1340 Drill bit ø4.8 mm 1
66220 Kirschner wire ø2×270 mm (STERILE) 2

Instruments (accessories)

Code  Description quantity
SF1380 Rekrea template (STERILE)  1
SF1050 Drill brace 1
SF1090 Chuck for ø6 mm bone screw 1
F4-0220 T handle for chuck 1
SF6470RK Wire tensioner 1
SF1290 Instruments tray, empty 1
TK87170-2F-BL  Sterilization box 580x270x100 mm, empty 1