Pro Osteon

Features for 200R and 500R

Pro Osteon® 200R and 500R are resorbable, osteoconductive matricies consisting of a thin, 2-10 micron layer of hydroxyapatite over a calcium carbonate core. Pro Osteon® 200R and 500R have been indicated as bone graft substitutes that resorb and are replaced with bone during the healing process. Its interconnected porosity, chemical composition and 6-18 month resorption time make Pro Osteon® BGS an environment for new bone growth.

  • Significantly resorbed in approximately 6-18 months
  • Fully interconnected porosity provides continuous pathways for bony ingrowth.
  • 200R is available in small granules (.5-1mm), convenient for filling small defects. 500R is available in small (1-4mm) and large (5-9mm) granules.
  • Architecture and chemical composition similar to human cancellous bone
  • 200R can be mixed with BonePlast® bone void filler or used alone.
  • Cleared as a bone void filler to be packed into bony voids or gaps in the skeletal system
  • Requires no special handling or reconstitution and is shipped sterile, ready-to-use
  • Blocks are available in several attractive sizes in both porosities.

Pro Osteon® Features – Osteoconduction

Structure and Porosity mimic human cancellous bone
500R Porosity 280-770mm
200R Porosity 180-220mm
Reliable 6-18 month resorption

Pro Osteon® 200R

2RG005 Granules, Vial 425-1000 Microns, 0.5cc (Box of 6)
2RG02 Granules, Vial 425-1000 Microns, 2cc
2RG05 Granules, Vial 425-1000 Microns, 5cc
2RG15 Granules, Vial 425-1000 Microns, 15cc
2RGS05 Granules, Pre-filled Syringe, 425-1000 Microns, 0.8cc (Box of 5)
2RGS10 Granules, Pre-filled Syringe, 425-1000 Microns, 0.8cc (Box of 10)

Pro Osteon® 500R

5RG05 Small Granules, Vial, 1-4mm, 5cc (3g)
5RG10 Small Granules, Vial, 1-4mm, 10cc (6.3g)
5RG15 Small Granules, Vial, 1-4mm, 15cc (9.5g)
5RG20 Small Granules, Vial, 1-4mm, 20cc (12.7g)
5RG30 Small Granules, Vial, 1-4mm, 30cc (20.5g)
5RG15L Large Granules, Vial, 5-9mm, 15cc (6g)
5RG30L Large Granules, Vial, 5-9mm, 30cc (13g)
5RB010 Block, 10L x 10W x 10Hmm, 1.0cc
5RB014 Block, 40L x 6W x 6Hmm, 1.4cc
5RB024 Block, 40L x 12W x 5Hmm, 2.4cc
5RB040 Block, 40L x 10W x 10Hmm, 4.0cc
5RB075 Block, 25L x 25W x 12Hmm, 7.5cc
5RB100 Block, 50L x 20W x 10Hmm, 10.0cc
5RB108 Block, 30L x 30W x 12Hmm, 10.8cc