Porous Primary System

Unchanged Design, Unsurpassed Clinical Results, Uncompromising Technology

A fusion of tapered and finned geometry, the Mallory-Head® Porous Primary System replicates near normal bone stresses and can provide for long-term stability and pain relief. Backed by more than 20 years of excellent clinical performance, the advanced design concepts of the Mallory-Head® System have demonstrated more than 99% survivorship with no osteolysis in numerous clinical studies.

Unmatched Clinical Results

99.2% survivorship at a followup of up to 18 years in 249 patients 40 years and younger, no osteolysis

99.5% survivorship at an 11 year follow-up of 188 patients, no osteolysis

99.2% survivorship at a 5–10 year follow-up in 451 patients, no osteolysis

99.0% survivorship at a 10–13 year follow-up in 307 patients, no osteolysis

Proven Offset Philosophy

Femurs with greater horizontal offset often have a more varus neck shaft angle. For example, as stem size increases, the offset required also increases. Based on this philosophy, the Mallory-Head® offset stem decreases the neck shaft angle, medially shifting the trunion and increasing neck length, while not affecting leg length.