Neuro Solutions

1.5 Neuro System

The 1.5 Neuro System offers a fully customizable tray that can accommodate a large selection of titanium plates, screws and meshes. The removable screw dial provides housing for the 1.5 precision-engineered, self-drilling high torque screws (Ti 6AL-4V). Additional drop-in trays offer added storage for the RapidFire® screw delivery system and unique plate designs.

ThinFlapTM Neuro Plating System

  • Industry-leading .3mm profile
  • Minimal or no plate palpitation
  • Offered in conventional storage tray or in SterileTrac delivery system


SterileTrac offers a wide range of advantages including improved lot traceability, accurate cost capturing and a variety of plate selections optimal for any cranial-flap closure.
SterileTrac is available for both 1.5 Neuro plating and the ThinFlap system. In addition a SterileTrac instrumentation tray is available, providing a convenient, space saving storage solution for screwdriver handles, forceps, plate cutters, drills and blades.


Power DriverTM

  • Two forward and reverse speeds
  • Sterile, disposable batteries
  • Fast screw insertion
  • Can be used with single HT blade or RapidFire cartridge for a fully automatic delivery system

RapidFire® Screw Delivery System

  • Screw Delivery System
  • Sterile screw delivery
  • Factory-loaded retention
  • Significant time savings
  • Combines with Biomet Microfixation Power Driver

LactoSorb® SE Resorbable Fixation System

A Leader In Resorbable Technology

  • More than 50,000 cases since 1996
  • Optimal resorption profile for pediatric patients (82% Poly-L-Lactic Acid and 18% Poly-Glycolic Acid)
  • Full line of 1.5 and 2.0mm plates and screws
  • LactoSorb resorbs and is eliminated from the body in approximately one year

RapidFlapTM LS

Resorbable Cranial Flap Fixation

  • Made of clinically proven LactoSorb material
  • Quick and easy to use, which can reduce costs by shortening O.R. time
  • Pre-attached applier eliminates the instrumentation required for fixation
  • Material is designed to reduce bone growth restriction, transcranial migration, implant palpability and temperature sensitivity

RapidFlapTM SpinDown

Cranial Flap Fixation

  • No instruments needed for implantation
  • Provides maximum cranial flap fixation, reducing potential for flap depression or protrusion
  • Smaller craniotomy line clamp and larger burr hole clamp are available for a variety of flap fixation needs
  • Inner clamp plate engineered without teeth for atraumatic closure

Introducing KINDTM

Biomet Microfixation is proud to introduce the KIND Neuro Balloon Retractor, designed to offer neurosurgeons a wide range of unique advantages in elevating, retracting and/or holding neural tissues.

  • May improve access to pathologies with minimal disruption of the brain tissue
  • Designed to eliminate adhesion to tissue through its nonstick, silicone surface
  • May decrease entry and exit movements reducing the chance of injury to the brain
  • Aids in atraumatic exposure of the sylvian fissure
  • Inflate-deflate-and-move step may help prevent damage to the brain from prolonged and constant retraction
  • Positioned behind vessels enhances exposure of perforators, potentially avoiding their injury
  • Provided as a single-use, sterile silicone balloon catheter
  • Available in four sizes for optimal retraction and visibility


  • Transsylvian fissure approaches
  • Interhemispheric approaches

HTR® Patient Matched Implant

  • A market leader in CT-based custom implants since 1993
  • More than 4,500 cases to date
  • Ultra-Porous beads of PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) and PHEMA (Polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate)
  • Radiopacity for post-operative monitoring
  • Two sterile implants shipped for each case for added safety and security

Mimix® & Mimix® QS

  • Can be placed directly on the dura
  • Hydroxyapatite (HA) based mixture of tetracalcium phosphate and alpha (a)- tricalcium phosphate powder with a citric acid solution
  • Non-shrinking radiopaque material that sets at isothermal temperature that will not damage surrounding tissue


Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • Easy to use: Requires no mixing, warming or special storage
  • Osteoinductive: Every lot is bioassayed to demonstrate its osteoinductivity
  • Safe: Manufactured using strict screening standards, no donor pooling and aseptic processing with viral inactivation
  • Insoluble: Designed to maintain shape and consistency in a wet environment; over time, tissue ingrowth can occur and the carrier will be absorbed and dispersed naturally

Rapid Response Program

Pursuing innovation, one surgeon at a time.

The Rapid Response Program combines a dedicated team of Rapid Response engineers with rapid prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to address individual surgeons’ needs. Advantages include:

  • Capability to design and modify instrumentation, plating, screws, blades, trays and other requests
  • Ability to work with metals and resorbable polymers for implants
  • Average project turnaround in two weeks or less
  • Modeling capability for patient-matched implants

Unique Skull Base Plating Options