MarrowStim™ Concentration System

Although bone marrow aspiration has been shown to be a safe and effective means to harvest nucleated cells, dilution of the aspirate sample by peripheral blood is a cause for concern.1,2 The MarrowStim™ Concentration System was designed to address this concern by providing a rapid, efficient concentration of nucleated cells from an autologous bone marrow aspiration.

The features of the kit include:

  • All the components necessary to obtain and process autologous bone marrow aspirate at a patient’s point-of-care
  • Recovery of 80 percent of the nucleated cells from a bone marrow input3
  • A processing time of 15 minutes
  • Ability to process between 15-60ml of bone marrow aspirate per tube

Cell Concentration at the point-of-care

Design Features

MarrowStim™ Concentration System-Bone Marrow Aspiration

MarrowStim™ Concentration System-Preparation of Cell Concentrate