Lorenz Plating System Mandible

Anticipation and innovation. These two qualities have made Biomet Microfixation an industry leader. Founded by Walter Lorenz more than thirty years ago, Biomet Microfixation offers instrumentation, plating systems and related products for a wide range of surgical procedures.
Our mandibular system combines the very latest in locking implant technology with a comprehensive offering of traditional mandibular plates and screws. The combination of these implants with innovative instrumentation and extremely flexible system design yields a mandibular plating system that covers all technique and anatomical considerations in the mandible.

Locking Fracture and Reconstruction Systems

The Biomet Microfixation 2.0mm Locking Fracture and 2.4mm Recon systems use the latest in locking technology to achieve unprecedented ease of use in locking implants. Unlike competitive systems, the Biomet Microfixation locking mechanism requires no drill guides, or bending inserts and grants the surgeon flexibility in drilling the pilot hole through the locking plate. These features combined with the unique HT screw technology yield an advanced locking implant system that enjoys the simplicity of traditional plates and screws.

Non-Locking Fracture Modules

The Biomet Microfixation Mandibular Fracture plating system offers comprehensive plating options in the 2.0mm and 2.4mm sizes. These proven plating modules cover all traditional plating needs in the mandible. The 2.0mm and 2.4mm non-locking fracture systems include such features as IMF screw technology, matrix plates, all inclusive lag components, HT screw retention and flexible system design.

Instrumentation and system design yield the ultimate flexibility in implant placement and storage.

Locking made easy. The latest locking implants that enjoy the simplicity of traditional plates and screws and the retention of HT technology.

2.0mm Fracture

2.0mm Locking Fracture

2.4mm Fracture

2.4mm Locking Recon